Iyke Obi is an award winning UK based Nigerian filmmaker who has worked on many fiction and non-fiction projects, Features, Shorts, Commercials, Music Videos and TV.  Iyke Obi has a BA in Theatre Arts and a MA in Filmmaking.


Iyke started off as an actor in 2001 in the Nigerian film Industry popularly known as Nollywood but decided to move behind the camera in 2004.  In November 2005, he directed his first project a TV series called ILL WIND.  Iyke directed his first feature in 2007.


One of his films called THE PITCH was screened in the Young Filmmakers Festival in Leeds in 2011 and another of his films called DUTY OF CARE was officially nominated and selected for the 2012 best directors award in a Spanish Film Festival;  it was also officially selected and screened at the Manchester Film Festival in March 2012.  DUTY OF CARE won the peoples choice award at the RATMA Film Festival held in Keighley in May 2013 where it also won the award for the drama genre.  DUTY OF CARE was also screened at the Horizon Film Festival in Barnsley on the 22nd of June 2013. 


Iyke has knowledge and experience in different film departments including the research department, arts department and production department.  He is also very experienced in post production and editing.


Iyke Obi is the Creative Director at Icon Pictures Ltd.

Mr. C.I.N Okoye has a B.Sc.Ed in Political Science from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Nigeria and Level 4 Diploma in Career Information, Advice & Guidance from Prospects Professional Training & Consultancy London, United Kingdom.


Mr. C.I.N Okoye aka ''Castro'' {stage name}, surfaced on the scene in 2000 as an acknowledged M.C and Stand Up Comedian under Unizik Performing Artist Club {UPAC} which took him to a large number of places within Nigeria performing live comedy on stage.  Taking his hobby in entertainment to the next level, in 2004 he founded Chartered Concept Entertainment, an independent entertainment outfit that majored in TV production, fashion shows, beauty pageants to name a few.  The outfit was the official entertainment partner of Nigeria Television Authority Channel 5 Awka, where he packaged and delivered many different shows including median editions of Miss NTA and Miss Anambra State respectively, with his resilient board of directors.


He left entertainment to pursue a career in career advising in late 2010.  He joined Widows & Orphans International London, United Kingdom where he started off as a volunteer and finished as a job shop manager offering tailor made career and skills advice to suit the clients need.  He was returned to entertainment again in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, when he collaborated with STPI to package the first of its kind in Leeds, ''The Boogie Down Night'' a show for over 25 year olds.  After that he announced his full time return into entertainment.  This time in a totally different and exciting way.


Mr. C.I.N Okoye is a Producer at Icon Pictures Ltd. 

Meet The Team

Jude (Caleb) Jonathan is a Criminology graduate from Leeds Beckett University, with a successful career in crime detection, conflict 

management, search and rescue operations.  He recently surfaced in the film industry as a promoter/co-producer with ground breaking concepts in fictional movies and crime documentary programmes.  With his hands-on experience and vast knowledge in crisis resolution and conflict management, Jude (Caleb) has inspired and taken part in several crime drama scripts and movie research projects, including corporate/commercial videos.


Jude Caleb Jonathan is the Publicity & Marketing Manager of Icon Pictures Ltd and a co-producer of Icon e-TV.

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Chukwueloka I Okoye



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Jude (Caleb) Jonathan

Publicity & Marketing Manager

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Gary has been working in the film industry since early 2006 and in that time he has gained an extensive knowledge of planning, organisation and delivering work in high pressure environments to the tightest of deadlines.  Working in corporate and private environments as a producer, Gary's passion for film is evident in all the work he has delivered. 

Gary is known for his ability to effectively manage time so that he can seemingly add extra hours to the day.  Gary leads by example and is often the first to arrive and the last to leave. 


Gary has a passion for studying the science and art involved in the creation process which allows him to effectively work with every member of the team.

All of Gary's experience, cheerfulness and his natural willingness to help make him a valued member of any team.

Gary Mulvey is the Creative Producer at Icon Pictures Ltd.


Gary Mulvey
Creative Producer


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Goodluck Ikechukwu is a 3D animation producer.  Prior to joining Icon Pictures Ltd he was working as a freelancer on various projects including animated explaner, animated adverts and comic animations.  He also invented and produced the famous Comic "Squirrel Guy". 


In 2012 Goodluck had a series of comic sketch and C.G.I  exhibit in  London .


Goodluck Ikechukwu is the Comic and C.G.I Animation Producer at Icon Pictures Ltd.

Goodluck Ikechukwu
C.G.I Animation Producer


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