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Using the latest technologies and creative ideas Icon Pictures Ltd use their technical expertise to provide a professional bespoke service to both the corporate and private sectors nationwide.

Below are some of the services that our media department offer:

Corporate Videos are our media departments speciality having worked closely with many small and large companies on successful projects. Projects offered include internal communication videos, strategy and staff engagement videos, annual reports, leadership videos, training and safety videos, brand awareness videos.

Promotional Videos are an ideal way to quickly engage people and communicate your message directly to your core audience. Projects offered include case studies, marketing videos, exhibition videos, storytelling, animated explainer videos, video testimonials.

The equipment used by our Corporate and Media production department include the following:

  • ●  Cameras: Blackmagic 4K URSA, Red Epic, Arri Alexa, Canon 7D, 2.7K camera drone.

  • ●  Sound: Tascam recorders, boom mics and poles, pin up mics, sound mixers.

  • ●  Grips: Tripods, cranes/jibs, dollies, steadicam vests.

  • ●  Other equipment: smoke/fog machines, clapper boards, projectors, projector screensand stands, walkie talkies.

Post production studio hire is another service that we are able to offer to our clients. We offer a full package which includes use of all the facilities in the studio and clients have access to the following software and applications in our post production studio: Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve 11, Fusion 7 & 8, Sony Vegas. If you would like to hire out our post production studio please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail. 

To get a quote on your specific needs please contact us to arrange an initial consultation and let us bring your idea and vision to life.